Writing with purpose

Every weekday I sit down to write a blog entry about academic papers, and sometimes I imagine readers out there wondering, What is so interesting and important about academic papers? 

I was thinking about that a lot over the weekend, and I realized something: Writing academic papers is only important and interesting if you write with purpose.

As an elemen

tary school teacher, and now a writing coach, my core belief is that education has purpose.  To be effective and influential, teachers and tutors MUST infuse their teaching with purpose.  They must show their students why learning is relevant, and approach academic subjects with passion. However, some teachers are ineffectual.  They lack the ability to create purposeful lessons.  Many paper assignments seem to be busy work, unconnected with the rest of students’ lives.

I urge you, as the student, to see the bigger picture.  If you are an adult learner returning to school, you returned with a purpose.  Approach every assignment from a bird’s eye view  

and ask yourself how it fits in with your career and life goals.  What paper topic will help you excel in your chosen field?  In this economy, in order to be successful, you must stand out as an expert.  Can you write your papers in a manner that brings you closer and closer to that expertise?